About CRMS™

Step 1 – Satisfy the Prerequisites. This professional learning opportunity specifically focuses on rheumatology practice management and is open to NORM Members who have earned the CMPM or other practice manager, administrator, or executive designation from recognized organizations such as MGMA, PAHCOM or AAPC and have completed a minimum of three years of experience as a rheumatology practice manager.

You will need to upload the certificate you earned when you completed your CMPM or other practice manager, administrator, or executive designation. You may upload to the CEU tracker on this site. You cannot register to take the CRMS exam until this step is complete.

You are encouraged to contact the CRMS Coordinator at 910-520-0515 for more information.

Step 2 – Purchase your online training. Once you are eligible to sit for the training and exam, purchase your on-line training course. You will receive an email receipt of your purchase and a unique password for logging into your account.

Step 3 – Prepare for the CRMS™ Certification Exam. Complete the self-paced CRMS educational presentations on-line here at NORMeducation.org. This comprehensive training consists of ten (10) modules. Spend a few minutes here and there or sit down and complete the whole course…the choice is yours! The content is specifically designed to cover the topics you need to know to successfully pass the CRMS Exam. You will need your email address and unique password (provided upon purchase) to access your training, then simply click the “Login” button in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

Step 4 – Complete the on-line CRMS Certification Exam. When you are satisfied with your review of all or any portion of the self paced presentations and handouts, you may begin the CRMS Certification Exam. 

The Exam is 100 multiple choice questions. An 80% accuracy rate is required to pass the Exam (80 correctly answered questions). You have 180 days from the time you first sign-in to your account to watch the presentations and take the exam. Your two attempts at passing the exam must both fall within the 180 days. There is a two-hour (2) time limit to take the Exam. The questions are in no specific order. You will receive your Exam results immediately upon its submission. No waiting for days to know! When a passing score is attained, a CRMS Certification Certificate with a gold embossed CRMS medallion will be mailed to you. Remember we need your CMPM or other designation certificate before we will mail your CRMS certificate. Good luck!