About DMU

DMU is an innovative and dynamic organization with a mission to deliver educational opportunities suitable for all clinical and administrative professionals and staff in the pursuit of fast, cost effective, and comprehensive practice management training.

Our on-line training programs and products focus on the essentials of medical practice management success, including: growing profitability, managing risk, practice operations, information technology, and positioning for future growth.

You will find convenient options to obtain quality training and continuing education. The current cornerstone being the Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®) program. It is a self-paced, on-line training format which consists of twenty-five video taped educational sessions and the CMPM® Exam. All of which when completed in the convenience of your home or office, lead to the designation of Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM®).

We recognize there are those that may not be interested in earning the CMPM® designation, but who do want to learn from the video series or more about a specific topic. Therefore, DMU offers the educational videos without the exam, al-la-carte, as a single video or in a packaged bundle.

DMU will continue to grow as a versatile organization poised to meet the educational needs of all persons with a need to know about the “Business of Medicine.”